Underneath the door


Recorded March/April 1979 at Comfort Sound. Released August 1980.

Bomb records 113


Recorded at Comfort Sound. Engineered by Doug McClement. Produced by Keith Elshaw (‘A Weightless Production’). Cover art by David Montle.


Recorded during the Scenics’ fastest, most manic period. Recorded by Ken and Andy, with Bradley Cooper on Drums: by the time it was released, Bradley was gone, and Mark Perkell was the Scenics’ drummer. 


LP sessions were the first time the Scenics recorded in an eight track studio. The sound of additional guitars and vocals that this allowed made them start thinking about adding a second guitarist. They began auditions in May 1979 with their friend Rob Brent, ex of the Demics. That was fun, but both sides agreed it wasn't the best fit.  Mike Young, who Ken and Andy had jammed with in 1976, saw the Scenics play at the Edge during a red hot heat wave in the summer of 1979, The music was fast and crazy, two minute blurs of discordant noise, but Mike was impressed by the band starting and stopping on a dime for each song. Mike joined the Scenics on guitar soon after.


Mark Perkell and Mike Young continue to play with the reformed Scenics, from 2008 forward.


Cover art  is by Andy's high school friend Dave Montle. It began life as a larger mixed-media collage/drawing. LP executive producer (and Toronto DJ) Keith Elshaw  suggested we use a small section of it as the cover art, and so we did. Dave went on to design covers for the Scenics post millenia CDs.

Track Listing

Side 1

1 Mony Mony  (Bloom/Cordell/Gentry/James)

2 Do the Wait  (Meyers)

3 Walking in the Desert  (Badger/Cooper/Meyers)

4 One Comes Closer  (Badger)

5 I Killed Marx   (Meyers)

6 Open Up Your Door (Brown/Nader/Bloodworth)

Side 2

1 I Have You  (Meyers)

2 In the Summer (Badger)

3 O Boy (Badger)

4 I'm Hurt (Meyers)

5 Bubbles (Badger)

6 Great Piles of Leaves (Meyers)


note- Eight of these titles are also on the Sunshine World CD. LP versions are (in most cases radically) different, and were recorded, (in most cases), 2 years after the Sunshine World versions.